Welcome to Nusa Penida Archipelago, Bali’s New Paradise

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This golden triangle archipelago is located southern part of Bali’s main land with three major islands. Those are Nusa Penida as the biggest one, Lembongan dan Ceningan which constitute the smallest island.

All are separated by narrow strait, meanwhile, Lembongan dan Ceningan island connected by swing bridge ‘Golden Gate’ that only could be passed alternately by motorcycle. The dried island dominated by lime-stone plateau and hilly area while flat beach strecth more than 25 kilometer from south east to western part in Toya Pakeh and Jungut Batu with its mangrove forest. The highest peak is Mundi Hill, 562 meters above sea level where we can find one of the secred temple, Puncak Mundi Temple.

Adminitratively, Nusa Penida Archipelago belong to Klungkung Regency which covers area around 202.840 kilometer square. Streching on on 155º30’00 ‘ ‘ and 155º36’00 ‘ ‘ East Longitude and 8º40’00 ‘ ‘ until 8º45’00 ‘ ‘ South Latitude. There is only one district divived into 16 official villages. Based on recent report, Nusa Penida inhabited by more than 46,749 people. There are two main season, dry and rainy season with daily temperature range between 27ºC – 30,9ºC. Unfortunately, this island not blessed with lake or river even soil suitable for planting rice, so there is no rice field. Most of them work as farmers cultivate dry land and get harvest once in a year while take care some cattle. This land fit with corn, banana, cassava, peanut and coconut. Population in beach area depending their life as fishermen and maintain seaweed.

Talking about culture, as their old brother in Bali Island. People on the island are Hindus. They practice a blend of that religion adapted to local culture. Some ritual from the womb until death coloring and suppose to be important to the cycle of life. All intended for harmonizing the world man and cosmic world. Ther ritual usually accompanied by traditional music and dances, lightly those are almost the same with Bali Island but it has specialties in every part if you see in deep focus.

Nusa Penida is the rise of new paradise, it’s home for bird sanctuary for endangered Balinese and Indonesian bird species, including the critically endangered Bali Starling (Leucopsar rothschildi). This new paradise offer splendid beach wtih white sand, pure water and gigantic marine life such manta ray, sun fish or mola-mola and turtle. Warm climate, friendly people, natural wonder, cultural event, simplym you will find new meaning of life then fill your treasure troves with memories.

Welcome then to Nusa Penida, perhaps the last Bali’s paradise that still conjures image of nature, beauty, of peace, keeping the traditonal way of life in modern era. On this magic island, you will get deep sense of satisfaction and unforgettable experiences. It’s a place where you could see Bali’s face as it was 1980s. You will be spoiled by huge of natural uniqueness, culture, wonderful marine life and the hospitality. Hopefully, explore this island lead you to search the true meaning of life can begin.