Rang-rang Weaving, Revival of Ethnic Design

     Thursday, 30 June 2016 4:59 PM   Wonderful Nusa Penida   2904 views

Even its just small island, if you do more  exploration, there will be something much different than the other places you ever seen. This tiny island owns  nice landscape, diverse culture and unique weaving known ‘rang-rang’. Few years ago, this woven cloth used in traditional ceremony. Rang-rang cloth made in Karang Village, Nusa Penida, 25 kilometers southern part of the harbor. As the center of rang-rang production, it is easy to find the weavers in the village in if you curious to learn, they are ready to teach you.

Weaving process using single technique by traditional looms. For cloth with 2 meters x 2 meters, consume time around 5 days. Dying is one complicated process that can take quite long. Most of the colors derive from nature around such certain fruits or skin of wood. With patience and skill, weaver carefully manipulate each ingredient in a dye recipe and each step in the dyeing process to obtain bright, muted, energetic, or quiet colors. Along with the demand that need to get cloth in short time, some weavers use chemical colors.

Unlike most weaving technique, rang-rang has diamond pattern and woven in more difficult way. Rang-rang decorated in some motives, usually geometric, M, flowers, butterfly, wallet, love, mount, zigzag, cross and others which adapted from nature or environment condition. The basic color are red and yellow with white line also mix attractive colors.

Currently, rang-rang very famous among fashion designers, fashion lovers, teenagers and many more for its motives with beautiful colors blend. Experts weavers try to use Rang-rang for clothing, scarfs, bags, wallets and more antique handcrafts. The price for single sheet is around IDR 300,000 until IDR 500,000. If you want to get it, contact us by sending an email or make phone call.