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Sunday evening of 16th October 2016 will be sad story for people in Lembongan and Ceningan Island, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung, Bali. The suspension bridge collapsed at 6.30 pm local time and killed at least eight people while 34 injured mostly struck by debris. The Yellow Bridge or famously known as ‘Love Bridge’ is the main ace’s linking between Lembongan dan Ceningan Island. Two small islands at southern of Bali which popular as tourist destination.

The bridge was built 22 years ago and ever been damaged on February 2013 on some sides, then fixed by the locals. Its length more than 100 meters with 1.5 meter wide. Only motorbikes and pedestrians allowed to cross even should take turn to other side. Based on local report, the accident happened allegedly because it was overload with more than 70 people were crossing the bridge at once. At least 17 motorbikes also slumped down in shallow water. On that day, hundreds of people passing over the bridge to follow the ritual ceremony to temple nearby the bridge. All victims are local, there is no foreign visitors.

“I would like to confirm and make sure, 8 people died not 9 or 10 while injured victims totally 42 people,” said Gde Arjaya, Village Head of Lembongan.

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho spokesman of National Disaster Mitigation Agency also told eight people died including three children aged from three to nine. Search and rescue mission would continued until there is no report from local who missing their family.

“From 8 victims die, 3 are kids which fall because the Lembongan Bridge collapse on sixteenth of October 2016 at 18.30 local time,” said Sutopo.

Youth Forum Organization of Nusa Penida which covers all youth association to whole island organizes to raise donation to assist the communities and build up back the bridge. Chief of Youth Forum Organization of Nusa Penida I Komang Budiarta declares his organization raise funds to help the communities effected. His party have provided official account for those who would like to donate and share careness to this official link

“We invite international communities to help in any kinds of donation. Lembongan and Ceningan Island is wonderful island for vacation for entire citizens of the world. That why, it existence would be important not only for the local but also for all of us,” hoped Komang.

“I believe, everyone who been lucky to visit these two beautiful islands will know how important the bridge for communities as an isolated island which rely on all activities on that bridge,” he added.

Donation gained will be deliver to village organization to be used appropriately  help the communities including the victims, the students which need transport support for school because they cannot used the bridge anymore, should hire boat. Furthermore, the funds from donation used to support rebuilding of Yellow Bridge.

Reporter: I Gede Sumadi

Editor: I Gede Sumadi & I Wayan Sumerta Winaya Asnadi