Sebila Beach, Pristine and Virgin Natural Shore

     Thursday, 8 December 2016 8:50 AM   Wonderful Nusa Penida   2696 views

This island owns such unfinished breathtaking spots to be explored. Sebila Beach is new destination arise at southeastward of Nusa Penida Island which close enough to legendary Beach of Atuh. Initially, the beach only used for fishing point by the local since there is no access yet but now new road is being constracted. Visitors can directly arrive to this place by using motorcycle.

Sebila Beach is located in Karang sub-village, Pejukutan administrative village about  45 minutes drive from district down town center. Coastal road will be the main route, passing Giri Putri Cave Temple, Celagilandan Ocean and Suana Point, then go up to Pejukutan Village. On three junction of village office turn left heading off to Karang Village. In village center, take left route and go straight along the road as the sign board. Karang Village is known as center of traditional weaving of Rang-rang. Stop over and see the local product could be right options.

There will be many local plantations both side of the road. Not far from Sebila, there is beautiful lagoon bordered by rock cliff which called ‘Pah Gede’. It offers perfect spot to enjoy morning sunrise above the peak of Mount Rinjani. The cliff series along Pah Gede provide stunning natural scenery. The lagoon look like to form U letter with clear water. Some visitors agree Pah Gede point can be used for exciting jumping activites but need stairs as the way out of the water to climp up the cliff. The point does not have any sand at all, only rock cliff.

The atmosphere of Sebila Beach is so quite and fresh. Despite its beauty, the area remains undeveloped, no hotel or resort yet around. Sebila Beach presents equally memorable experiences awaiting you about pristine natural beach, away from hustle. Take walk along the virgin beach is so amazing with white sand and flanked by two exotic capes, Pah Gede and Juntil Cape. Let your foot touch the natural wonder with all its splendor. It is ideal place for relax, camping site, soaking and snorkeling but be aware of strong current. As the local story, Sebila derives from from words ‘Se ‘means one and ‘bila’ refers to place or source of water. Its true there still a natural well which use as source of water few years ago and never dried off even in dry season.

“Few years ago, this well use as the only one water resource for the local. This is really peaceful and some of rock on shoreline can be good spot for sitting down,” said Diarta Darsa which confirmed on Thursday morning (8/12).

From this area, visitors also can reach Atuh Beach in 15 minutes by trekking passing Juntil Cape, if use the main route visitor should turn around back to Karang Village center and take right way. Do not miss to visit Sebila Beach in Nusa Penida Island directly opposite Lombok Island with its gorgeous mountain of Rinjani and blue ocean carpet beyond.

Reporter: I Gede Sumadi

Editor: WNP Team