Titi Bahu, The Majestic Cliff and Virgin Beach

     Thursday, 25 August 2016 5:21 PM   Wonderful Nusa Penida   3208 views


The beauties of Nusa Penida south coast is undoubt anymore. Aline with Atuh Beach,  Titi Bahu is such of hidden beach bordered by high steep cliff. The term Titi Bahu derive from Titi means stair and Bahu refers to shoulder, hence Titi Bahu means stair on the ridge. The way to visit this spot is much challenge. The are two possible access to reach it, first by climbing down the cliff for hundred meters but not all can do it since the path so dettering. Precipitous track with 70  to 85 degrees careen must be passed, bit extreme indeed. The deep canyon and sharp reef seem to be ready to catch your body. Need strong stamina and test your Adrenalin. In some point, you have to hanging on by using rope and there is now way back. If you fear of height or ail for acrophobia syndrome, we advise do not ever try or think about!

The most possible option to enjoy this secluded virgin beach through the sea by using speed boat or traditional boat although the boat cannot directly moor to beach. Visitors need to swim for stepping on the soft white sand. The rock cliff majestically standing for 200 meters to be natural castle. The sand stretch along 300 meters make stunning visual picture in small bay. Shallow pure crystal water and healthy coral reef will be perfect for snorkeling and swimming. At the beach, visitors can do sun bathing or just relax, walking along the beach to let your body and mind touch the nature.

Sense all wonder that can not be found somewhere else. The scenery more magnificent as small towering atolls make nice cluster. At least more than eight charming isles offer breathtaking landscape among the blue water of Indian Ocean. Most of the guests who come to this beach feel reluctant to leave. It’s will be your own private beach, away from any other noisy world if you can reach.