Enchanting Cliff of Kelingking Point

     Friday, 18 November 2016 11:23 AM   Wonderful Nusa Penida   4379 views


Western area of Nusa Penida Island offers amazing landscape of high steep cliff and endless of blue ocean carpet. The cluster of rock cliffs in Kelingking Point create such enchanting view. Its perched about hundreds meters above sea level just aside the ocean edge. There is unique charming cape jutting into the sea and make a small bay. White sand beach down under the cliff is so natural, but still untouchables except from the sea by boat. Only experience adventure recommended to climb down the cliff.

Kelingking Point is easily access, around one hour drives from the local ports toward western direction. Visitors use same route to reach Paluang Car Temple or Pasih Huug. Exactly, this nature destination located in Karang Dawa Subvillage, Bunga Mekar Villade, Nusa Penida Island.  There are some beautiful spots nearby like Death Love Tree and Paluang Temple just 2 minutes away.

The local guide Gede Sukara confirmed this morning, Friday (18/11) said this point firstly introduced by local young to social media.

“Kelingking Point arise after some of local boys uploaded this site photos to social media,” he claimed

“Nowadays, many guest s come to visit every day even the route passed by not properly enough but the guest said they enjoy it much,” Sukara added.

The view of the site is great combination of small rock isles featuring the line of rock cliff overlooking the ocean. Feel the fresh air, away of crowded life in open view as you could see. Be careful when standing by the edge of cliff since there is no safety barrier built yet.

Meanwhile, the visitor of Kelingking Point, Dianti Purnami reveals her admiration to nice beach which well maintained.

“I think the beach is very wonderful such of lovely place to visit. Hopefully the cleanlines can be maintained. Some of sign board and the street must be repaired,” Dian said

Reporter: I Gede Sumadi

Editor: WNP