Belah Poh Point, Discover The Cliff Edge View

     Monday, 11 July 2016 11:04 AM   Wonderful Nusa Penida   3030 views

This destination sits pretty on close to Titi Bahu’s southern steep cliff in Pelilit Village, Nusa Penida Island. This spot just standing across to Mollenteng Hill which famous for its tree house. Its such private area is a hidden gem, which is pretty much untouched by visitors due to its obscure location. The way to visit is still passing by narrow path and visitors need to take walk to reach it. The same way used as route lead you to Atuh Beach but in Pelilit Village Center, take right at the corner of elementary school. There is no clear direction available yet, it better to ask about the spot to local villagers.

Belah Poh Hill Point offers spectacular ocean view with more than 7 beautiful  isles around it and high steep cliff make it to be perfect scenery. Perched on the 150 meters cliff top Indian Ocean front. Imagine that breathtaking view when you perch at its edge cliff and the rippling clear ocean waters stretch beyond the horizon, bit far in shadow, you could see Lombok Island with Mount Rinjani’s top peak.

Feel the different, hunting for sunrise is so inspire to tie the knot against this spectacular backdrop. It’s paradise the moment when you enjoy this picturesque scene by the cliff side in Belah Poh Point. If you want to take a stunning fantastic photo shoot on a cliff, this point is where your search ends. As you look down, cluster of islands seem to decorate the landscape and uninterrupted scenes of dancing ocean waves.