Its isolated area create unusual things, much diverse. It has special culture, nature even the unique tradition. Nusa Penida is the rise of new paradise, home for splendid beach with white sand, gigantic marine life such manta ray, sun fish or ‘mola-mola’ and turtle. Perhaps, the island as the last place still conjure image of nature, beauty and keeping traditional way in modern era. Get deep sense and unforgettable experiences.


Enjoy and feel comfort in close way to the natural wonder, traditions, arts, culture and local wisdom. There are wide option such as kayaking around the beach, village tour or just sightseeing, mangrove touring waiting to be touched as new ecotourism site, more challenge for snorkeling or diving. Some of water sport activities will be fun to be enjoyed.


This island is very famous in the world because of cultural uniqueness and beauty of view. It has hundreds of amazing culture include dances for example Jangkang warrior dance, Gandrung, Sanhyang Gerodog, ceremony like nimbug tradition, tibungan, gamelan (traditional orchestra), classic temple, and festival. Its isolated area for long time directly creates such of different culture. Some researchers even gave title this land as magic island for its ancient culture and custom.


More than 77 kilometers coastal line stretch in these three main island. Most of the beach dominated by soft white sand. Its beach and marine is home for 296 species of coral and 576 fish species with 5 new species which can not be found anywhere else around the world. The area belong to global coral triangle, cover conservation water area about 20,057 hectares. Some of the beaches is still virgin with incredible beauty and untouch for its isolated area.


Sense the best attracation the island has to offer green hills, beautiful beach, wonderful marine life, exotic culture and coral reefs. Unlocks the secrets of an island so lush and diverse that many visitors never realize all that it has to offer. Explore breathtaking trails, secluded beaches, pristine reefs, delicious places to eat, colorful culture, hidden springs and so much more. There are still plenty of unspoilt spots in Nusa Penida Island need to be explored.


:Local still practice of etiquette, courtesy as strategy to enhance their safety interaction. It is not strange thing when you see people smile to you along your way. Smile show their respect and politeness so give your feedback.every single action you do will give effect direct or indirectly soon after that why they try to do good things. The hospitality of Nusa Penidian can be seen also from their culture, religion, and art. Religious, cultural and art aspects reflect the interaction and mergence of the community.

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About Nusa Penida

This golden triangle archipelago is located southern part of Bali’s main land with three major islands. Adminitratively, Nusa Penida Archipelago belong to Klungkung Regency which covers area around 202.840 kilometer square. Streching on on 155º30'00 ' ' and 155º36'00 ' ' East Longitude and 8º40'00 ' ' until 8º45'00 ' ' South Latitude. There is only one district divived into 16 official villages. The dried island dominated by lime-stone plateau and hilly area while flat beach strecth more than 25 kilometer from south east to western part in Toya Pakeh and Jungut Batu with its mangrove forest. The highest peak is Mundi Hill, 562 meters above sea level where we can find one of the secred temple, Puncak Mundi Temple. Read detail...


Some events run to promote all uniqueness, nature, rare culture, local crafts, custom include sacred temple festival. Every year, there will be great festival to show the entire island beauties to world. It features distinct cultural attraction which rare seen by public. More calendar events include traditional boat racing or others culture events would be additional benefit during your visit.

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