Warung Soup Ikan Dong Jati, Taste From The Legend

     Tuesday, 10 October 2017 11:03 AM   Wonderful Nusa Penida   3360 views

Visiting Nusa Penida would not be perfect without enjoying local dishes. Warung Soup Ikan Dong Jati offers delicious and authentic taste of local recipes with two main menus, grilled and fish soup. The name of ‘Warung Soup Ikan Dong Jati’ literally lives up to name of owner’s ancestor which famous as great chef. Now, the owner try to present back taste from the legend. You lucky to be able to sense the secret recipes in special menus.

Your life’s too short not to eat great food even from islander culinary. So if you love great taste combinations made from local ingredients, this place will meet it up. Best local food in Nusa Penida, the soup is so fresh while fried fish, cryspy uotside and juicy inside. Fish supplies derived from local fishermen, as our comitment to support local product.

Warung Soup Ikan Dong Jati serves fish culinary with the spicy chilly sauce. No worries food is great and really well priced. It is not hard to find it, easy accessed just in front of Great Ped Temple, aside of Toya Pakeh – Sampalan main road and opens start from 14.00 until 21.00 local time. Enjoy this fresh local culinary will make your vacation on the island more perfect. There are plenty of drinking options to choose from. Now is your turn to try taste from the legend.