Nusa Penida Festival 2016, Exploring The Blue Paradise Islands

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Klungkung Regency will back to hold Nusa Penida Festival. Thousand of Jangkang Warrior dancers will perform to support and enliven the event. Starting in 2014, Klungkung regency, under its Tourism and Culture Office create special events famously known as ‘Nusa Penida Festival’. This event run to promote all uniqueness, nature, rare culture, traditional craft, costum and owesome marine life. This year, the festival open in Banjar Nyuh, Ped Village, exactly 7 th to 9th October 2016 and attended by the regent of Klungkung, Ministry of Tourisma and all stakeholders concern on tourism.

“There will be one thousand Jangkang dancers perform on the festival. Now we coordinate the event to all committee to run the festival as well,” said Nyoman Widana which confirmed on Monday.

Since 2014, Nusa Penida has been declared as marine protected area which covers  for of 20, 057 hectares. This island marine life is so rich, there about 296 species of coral and 576 species of fish which five are new fish species which could not be found anywhere else around the world. Nusa Penida Islands is part of the global coral triangle region with numerous of marine life diversity. The emergence of mega fauna such as manta rays, whales, green turtles and sunfish or Mola-mola as well as the specialties of arts, cultural and natural wonder lead the island as new paradise of tourism destinations. Here is the paradise where one will find  pristine beauty of unspoiled white sandy beaches, exhilarating waves, stunning natural rugged beauty, and awesome scenery away from the vibrant sounds and vivacious atmosphere of Bali’s southern coast.

The regent of Klungkung, Nyoman Suwirta directly led the meeting to check the committee preparation on Marine Conservation Area office on 18 of September 2016. The meeting presented by head of Klungkung Tourism Board, head of Nusa Penida District, all village’s heads and stakeholders to support the event. On his speech, Suwirta emphasized that evaluation is good way to improve the previous lack. He hopes all parties and people could succeed the festival to promote Nusa Penida.

“The important thing is evaluation to improve something lack on the previous event. I hope all people and stakeholders succeed Nusa Penida Festival. I believe we could promote our island optimally,” he claimed.

Nusa Penida Festival 2016 will be presented feature all the distinct cultural attractions and handicrafts of the islands which are rarely seen by public. Based on the tagline ‘Exploring the Blue Paradise Islands,’ it will offer more about wonderful destination of the island. The existence of marine life treasure prove worthy of being a tourist destination dives. This golden eeg island of Bali is one fascination splendor that lies beyond the pure clear blue waters. Recently, the island got two awards from Ministry of tourism as Favorite II for most popular diving spot and Favorite II for most popular surfing spot.

Festival also proudly present exclusive cultural heritage in form of classic dance, massal Jangkang Dance, live music, touring and snorkeling activities. Other highlights of the festival are exibition of local handycrafts products, race of miniatur of local boat. The commitee organize local boat competition, cultural carnaval, coral replantation, beach clean up and many more. Make sure not to miss this event. You can watch the intire island beauties in photography exhibition.

Reporter: I Gede Sumadi

Editor: WNP