Crystal Bay, Crystallize Your Dream Here

  Nusa Penida   Thursday, 30 June 2016 11:50 AM   Wonderful Nusa Penida   2292 views

Exotic atmosphere with wonderful crystal water, you will feel the pure of the nature in this beach. Yes, that’s Penida Beach with famous name, Crystal Bay. This is the other beach in Nusa Penida Island which offers you an impressive and panoramic sight. Surrounded by two capes and a small hill on the high seas together with a temple on the top of the hill, Crystal Bay becomes the most favorite place for many visitors both internationally and locally as a tourism destination.

Crystal Beach is completed with marsh under the coconut tree and wellspring near the temple which becomes the main source of water for more villagers. This water flows on the wide white sand to the sea. For you, who loves jogging, you are served with hundreds ladder steps on the hill near the sea front for trekking. Not only that, diving, snorkeling, surfing with amazing wave, swimming, sunbathing, are the optional activities done in Crystal Beach.

Crystal Bay is one of best diving spot. Home of tropical coral reefs and fish. In certain season, numerous species could be seen such as manta ray, oceanic sun fish, sharks, tunas or trevallies. But this site has moderate to strong current and not recommended for beginner. Pure clear water provide nice visibilities from 30m -50m. That why, Crystal Bay owned its name from its crystal clear water.

Don’t be confuse, It is very easy to get this beach. You can go there by motorcycle, bike, car, speed boat even traditional ship, personally or touring packcage. The beach which is located in northern of a beautiful island, exactly in Banjar Penida, Sakti Village, only takes 15 minutes from Toyapakeh and 30 minutes from Sampalan to the west.

So, be the first to enjoy the wonderful sight, sunset between the hills, numerous of marine diversity in peacefully. It’s proven with complete facilities besides its natural facilities like some small food and drink shops, and bungalows.