Guyangan Spring, Challenging and Exotic

     Thursday, 30 June 2016 11:08 AM   Wonderful Nusa Penida   3857 views

Many people doubt that the dry island of Nusa Penida has many springs since there is no great forest on it. If you are one of them, it’s better to prove it by yourself. Small island around 202 kilometers square size and dominated with barren hills, seem hard to find water resources. Surprisingly, there are many water natural springs to whole island but most of them stream down at the edge of cliff, close to beach. The way to reach the spring so challenging and spur your adrenalin. If you are climber, it is waiting for you to conquer. It is not higly recommended for those with phobia syndrome, just enjoy the view on the top of hill where wide ocean fresh your eyes.

Guyangan water spring is the most impressive one but serve exotic view of high steep cliff, little isles and blue Indian Ocean. This spring positioned at Banjar Guyangan, Batukandik Village approximately 25 kilometers southern part of distric center. The visitors can visit this site by bicycle, motorcycle or car and stop at top cliff. Guyangan spring is precisely in front of Manta Point, one of best diving site to see giant ray.

From top cliff, visitor must descend 200 meters cliff with 850 careen, connected by more than 700 stairs made of wood and iron or even cross small bridge on valley. The route designed in many bends to decrease the careen. In some route, visitors need to hold on wall of cliff while sound of big wave hit the cliff make us little bit scare and remember watch your step while enjoy the view. 50 meter before get the spring, we have to cross hanging bridge made of wood, really tense. When your arrive on spot, all fatigue will disappear as wonderful view of the spring offered, such of perfect combination, blue ocean just 10 meters under the spring with its big wave and sound of spring flow from the cave while cuspate cliff on our head, small isles also adorn the scenery. In addition, visitor can swim in the big pond, feel fresh natural water and you will be relax. The next challenge is how to climb up the cliff, dare you try?

Based on recent research, Guyangan water spring produce more than 120 litre water discharge per second. Water flow as underground river and never dry for any season. This water resources can fulfill water needs to all people on the island. Some water reservoirs have been built then water streamed by using wind mill power and machine.