Giri Putri Cave Temple, Pray Inside the Earth

     Thursday, 30 June 2016 8:46 AM   Wonderful Nusa Penida   2953 views

Nusa Penida Island emits great vibration of spiritual spirit as it owns hundreds temples. Those temples spread to the entire island and supposed to be protector. One of the tremendous temple is Giri Putri Cave Temple which located in Karangsari, Suana Village, about 10 kilometers from the main harbour heading to the east. As the old script said, the temple predicted already exist in neolithic era and used for meditation or spiritual activities.

The name of Giri Putri derived from word ‘Giri’ means hill while the word ‘Putri’ means princess. The combination of those words refer to the cave as holy site of Siva on the manifestation of goddess whose protect the nature and human being.

From the first gate, the visitors should step up for hundreds stair to get to the mouth of the cave around 150 meters. On this spot, we will find pelinggih (shrine) of Hyang Tri Purusa and Hyang Gana Pati. People ussually pray here before entering the cave. The uniqueness of this cave is the main entrance very small about 60 cm around. The visitors must crawl for 2 meter long and in turns as only one person can pass trough the line. It is magic, when you get inside the cave, there will be something different and owesome. The cave is so huge with more than 262 meters length with a diameter 60 meters. More than 5000 people can be accomodated in  the cave. Its decorated water path, stalagmites, bats and stalactite.

There are four main area used for praying completed with some shrines. One of temple situated in the middle of cave. The other site of praying is on the wall, people need to climb for 6 meters toward the wall and no more than 20 people can pray at the same time since the place is so small. The last praying place or the exit route dedicated to the goddess Dewi Kwam Im as the goddess of mercy and compassion. Giri Putri Temple closely related to two main temple, Puncak Mundi and Ped Temple. The ceremony is done every six month or 210 ten daya based on Balinese calender. More people coming on temple festival even the other island, such as Bali. They believe that this temple can cure any of negative things and perfect place for meditation.

One thing should be concerned in visiting this place is menstruating women and people with death family member are not allowed to enter the cave.