Underground House ‘Gala-gala’, Colaboration of Epic and Masterpiece

     Thursday, 30 June 2016 11:21 AM   Wonderful Nusa Penida   2285 views

This underground house is great masterpiece inspired by collosal epic of Mahabrata. The Gala-gala was built by Made Byasa, accidentally same name with the composer of Mahabrata story, Begawan Byasa.

The cave covers area for 500 meter square under the ground and digged 7 meters beneath the surface. On his daily life, Made Byasa was farmer, dancer and master of pupet shadow performer. Byasa was also known as priest that lead the ceremony in his village. The idea to build the cave was inspired by his profession as ‘dalang’ where the story derive from the Hindu epic which he often read. One part the epic is ‘wana parwa’ tell about the punishment for Pandawa family spend their life for 12 years in the forest and decide to build cave under the ground to make them save from the opponent attack.

The cave of Gala-gala was built in 1961 and completed in 1976. In the age of 70 years old, Made Byasa digged the cave alone even in the night with great spirit, no modern equipment used. Gala-gala consist of some gates for entering and exit. There are three ventilations for air circulation, a well as water resources and completed with two kitchens. Almost same like home, we could find  sitting room and two bedrooms also inside the cave. One more site dedicated for meditation. The reliefs in the cave show the year as the cave finished and unveiled by Surya Sangkala year model. Those reliefs are human equal one, elephant means 8, gate is 9 and turtle equal 8. If it’s counted based on Hindu calender, the year will be 1976.