How to Get Around ‘Melali’

     Thursday, 30 June 2016 2:44 PM   Wonderful Nusa Penida   2270 views


There are not many modes of transport to help you ‘Melali’ your way around. It’s much difFerent than other places. No public transport system that can take you anywhere you want go. The local public transport only used locally to send and buy daily needs to the market.

From all of those modes, renting a motorcycle will be the most practical choice. The price offered average IDR 80,000 until IDR 100,000 for one day. Explore by bicycle seem bit hard since the road is rough and the rute dominated by hilly area or stone track. It is easy to find rent motorcycle or bicycle counter when you arriving in port.

If you in exploring in group, we highly recommend you to charter a car. The price depend on the spot that you are going to visit. Make sure to make smart bargaining. Using car will help you to get right access from losing direction possibilities. Especially in Lembongan area, your tour program can hire golf buggy. More travel to see the mangrove forest, small canoe or craft will help you on the spot. Finally, walking can be best ways to see Nusa Penida. You will be close to the action and get in touch directly.