Support Rebuilding Our Yellow Bridge Connecting Lembongan – Ceningan Island

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LEMBONGAN, WONDERFUL NUSA PENIDA Click link to donate Sunday evening of 16th October 2016 will be sad story for people in Lembongan and Ceningan Island, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung, Bali. The suspension bridge collapsed at 6.30 pm local time and killed at least eight people while 34 injured mostly struck by debris. The Yellow Bridge or […]


Belah Poh Point, Discover The Cliff Edge View

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This destination sits pretty on close to Titi Bahu’s southern steep cliff in Pelilit Village, Nusa Penida Island. This spot just standing across to Mollenteng Hill which famous for its tree house. Its such private area is a hidden gem, which is pretty much untouched by visitors due to its obscure location. The way to […]


Temeling Natural Pool, Sense The Freshness

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Its such a magical experience to swim in a natural pool under the cliff. The pool hiding out inside the forest but close to ocean. Imagine, how natural and fresh to feel the water. The attracting love birds song and eco-conscious of lush forest surround will be thrill to visit this spot. Temeling spring positioned […]


Paradise Diving in Manta Point

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Cluster of Nusa Penida waters area which belong to global coral triangle has thousand diversity of seagrass, underwater life and coral with a variety of rare species, both hard and soft corals. The existence of marine life treasure prove worthy of being a tourist destination dives. The emergence of mega fauna such as manta rays, […]


How to Get Around ‘Melali’

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WONDERFUL NUSA PENIDA There are not many modes of transport to help you ‘Melali’ your way around. It’s much difFerent than other places. No public transport system that can take you anywhere you want go. The local public transport only used locally to send and buy daily needs to the market. From all of those […]


Atuh Beach, Beautiful Beach in the Southern

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One of many beaches in Nusa Penida Island which has great scenery is Atuh Beach. Located in the southern of Nusa Penida Island, this hidden beach is surrounded by amazing high cliffs such of great wall and wide white sand. This beach is hammed in two high cliffs, Juntil Cape in the left and Ampuak […]


Ledok-ledok, Healthy and Tasteful Local Food

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One of the precious thing need to be introduced on prime of Nusa Penida is local culinary. Numerous kind of local food and drinks will be served and invite you to taste such us ‘Ledok-ledok’. Long before rice was promoted as a staple food in Indonesia, residents of the island were used to consuming ledok […]


‘Ngerih’ Cassava Storing Technique for Staple Food

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Geographically Nusa Penida is a limestone plateau a strip of sand on its north coast. Its dry and arid soil has made it impossible for local people to plant rice. Do not think stretches of green rice fields irrigated by clear water and fresh fish arriving in the gutter. There is no running water or […]