Top Ten Best Tourist Destination in Nusa Penida’s Archipelago 2015

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Nusa Penida’s archipelago is located at southern part of Bali mainland. There are three main island and 17 unpopulated island surround it and directly border with Indian Ocean. It is Bali’s new paradise as we could see Bali’s sense as it was 1980s..

The tourism industry in Nusa Penida improve rapidly in 5 years last. More than 200,000 visitors come to visit the island. The beauties of the sea belong to global coral triangle offers splendid beach with white sand and gigantic marine life. It’s also home of natural wonder, ancient culture and friendly people. Away from busy life of modern era, give conjure of nature, beauty, of peace and will be choice to heal your mind.

Unlock the secrets of an island so lush and diverse that never realize all that it has offer. Explore breathtaking trails, secluded beach, pristine reefs, spring and more uniquenesses.

At the end of this year, Wonderful Nusa Penida as Touris Information Center do simple survey to set a list about top 10 best destination in Nusa Penida 2015. The survey done for 5 days from 21 to 25 of Desember 2015. Voting done based on number of variables such as personal appraisal of each voters, most discussed and mentioned on social media, beauty, number of visitors, access, distance, fasilities and others complements.
Welcome and visit Nusa Penida. There are so many beautiful places to visit on the island, it is the best place to spend your holiday. Here are the List of Top 10 Best Tourist Destination 2015 in Nusa Penida that might be your references for great vacation.

1. Crystal Bay
Crystal Bay or Penida Beach offers you an impressive and panoramic sight. Surrounded by two capes and a small hill on the high seas together with a temple on the top of the hill, Crystal Bay becomes the most favorite place for many visitors both internationally and locally as a tourism destination. It’s completed with marsh under the coconut tree and wellspring near the temple which becomes the main source of water for more villagers. For you, who loves jogging, you are served with hundreds ladder steps on the hill near the sea front for trekking. Not only that, diving, snorkeling, surfing with amazing wave, swimming, sunbathing, are the optional activities done in Crystal Beach.

2. Atuh Beach
Hidden beach is surrounded by amazing high cliffs such of great wall and wide white sand. In the east of the beach, there are some hills which make aggregation panorama seen from the highest cliff. The biggest hill is called Padasan Hill which has some spots appropriate for fishing and camping. There is no regret for you to come here. You can tracking, swimming, snorkeling an exotic coral reefs and colorful fish splashing, sunbathing, playing on the sand, camping, and many more. So, be a witness of exploring an intoxicating experience in Atuh Beach.

3. Pasih Huug (Broken Beach)
Feel the sensational natural bridge with a great fantastic caldera and amazing cliffs wall. Few meters of this spot, you will find The Angle’s Billabong and Smoky Beach. In addition, Pasih Uug Beach much more quiet and comfortable since the remoteness of the settlements.

4. The Angle’s Billabong
Beautiful pool on the cliff with changing water for high and low tide. It’s just next to Pasih Huug. Visitors can do swimming and relax but not recommended when great tide to avoid swept by the water.
5. Mangrove Eco-Tourism
Spread out almost 230 hectares consisting various species in it. Mangrove become great place for edu-tourism about nature preservation. Explore inside by small canoe, mangrove forest waiting to be touched as new ecotourism site, the richness of mangrove biodiversity provide unforgettable experience. This forest tell you more about its great function in maintaining marine ecosystems.

6. Temeling Spring
Natural pool beneath the cliff of green forest. Fresh spring come out from the secret cave and flow to the pool then boils to sea. Lush forest around the spot make it so wonderful but not all pool can be swum by women. Specific pool for ladies close to beach while upper one for man. Need more effort to reach it by passing small path under the trees.

7. Dream Beach
Beautiful beach which is very guite, away from the pollution, hassles and hectic pace. Provide clear water and soft white sand. Enjoy the beach for walking but not god for swimming as the big wave hit and strong current.

8. Suwehan Beach
Standing at the edge of cliff and spread your view down will be amazing, small bay with giant rock cliff. Then, follow the path for 300 meters, narrow, decline trek and bit steep. The way is perfect for trekking and sound of wave be good combination. Get on this point make you such in new heaven, away from hustle and hide in beauty, really peaceful. Clear water, soft and white sand extend along 350 meters where you can lie down or enjoy sun bathing, swimming or just relax feel fresh ocean wind blow you up. In front of the beach, there is big stone standing strongly dan mostly known as volcom stone. Suehan Beach is nice point to heal your mind by enjoying the sense and cosines of nature.

9. Teletubies Hill
Row of more than 30 rounded hills create amazing view with farming valley. No one think that we can find it in Nusa Penida but we could. These hills look more beautiful when rainy season, so fresh and green make your eyes glued.

10. Yellow Bridge
This bridge not only famous to connect Lembongan and Ceningan Island but it is nice spot to enjoy sun set combined with seaweed farming landscape. Yellow suspension bridge hanging above narrow strait with scenic view.

11. Others Destination
Except of those top 10, there more destination raise up. The voters recommend more beautiful spots to visit. They will be others option in spending vacation on the island, such as:

  • Guyangan Spring (Manta Point)
  • Prasi Beach and Cliff
  • Padang-Padang Hill
  • Banah Cliff Point
  • Titi Bahu Cliff
  • Bukit Pendeman
  • Pasih Andus (Smoky Beach)
  • Gamat Bay