Break The Record, Thousand Jangkang Dancers Enliven Nusa Penida Festival

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The third of Nusa Penida Festival officially opened by Deputy Head of Marketing for Overseas Tourism, I Gde Pitana accompanied by the Regent of Klungkung, I Nyoman Suwirta, Vice Regent I Made Kasta, parliaments members and official staffs of Klungkung Regency at the venue in Banjar Nyuh Beach, Ped Village, Friday, 7 October 2016. The opening also enliven by performed of thousands Jangkang dancers. Jangkang is known as one of native heritage which can not be found somewhere else. Based on ancient script, Jangkang was formed by Jro Kulit hundreds years ago in Pelilit Village. The dance symbolize classic soldiers who protect the village equipped with spear decorated three colored thread ‘ tri datu’.

Jangkang Dance has very different dance moves than the others dance in Bali mainland. Its movement so simple but full of power and contain sacred of ritual worth. The local believe the dance could cure some diseases and protect the village from negative impact. The dance usually performed on holy day of temple ceremony. Dancers wear traditional cloth and accompanied by gendang kempul music with old bronze box.

I Gde Pitana, Deputy Head of Marketing for Overseas Tourism on his speech said Nusa Penida is rich of culture and owns beautiful landscape both land and sea. This area has great chance to be developed but there must be improvement on infrastructure system. Pitana promised, his party mainly Ministry of Tourism will support to refine the infrastructure.

“Festival is one of the ways to promote destination. Visitors will not come if they don’t know the destination,” said Pitana on his speech.

“Nusa Penida very rich of art and its nature so beautiful both land and the marine. Its such of great capital to develop the destination,” he added.

The Regent of Klungkung, I Nyoman Suwirta appreciate the support from Ministry of Tourism to promote Nusa Penida. The goverment of Klungkung make sure by the end of 2017, all infrastructure will be refined, especially on efective tourism area.

“We work all out to fix the infrastructure. As our target, on 2017 all will be better,” he explained.

Reporter: I Gede Sumadi

Editor: WNP