Jangkang, Rare Warrior Dance

     Thursday, 30 June 2016 9:42 AM   Wonderful Nusa Penida   2290 views

The nature wonder of Nusa Penida give inspiration in creating a culture in form of dance. It is much different than what we see in the mainland of Bali. One of the native dance is Jangkang which well known as dance of ancient warrior. Jangkang is sacred dance and has role in religious ceremony, mainly for the Hindu adherents in Pelilit Village. Based on history notes, Jangkang dance created by Jero Kulit when his village attacked by the other village. It’s also told at that time, Jero Kulit worked in Klungkung Palace as pig keeper and unexpectedly, he hitted the box as place to feed the pig which made of bronze. He seemed curious about the sound of the box and asked to the king to give him the box.

As the story gone, Jero Kulit heard that his village being attacked by neigbouring village. He decided back to his village and hitted the box for several times. The great sound of bronze box made the attackers scared and run away. Showing the happiness to destroyed the enemies, Jero Kulit and villagers set dance, familiared as Jangkang.

Overall, this dance symbolizes the ancient army to protect their village equipped with spear decorated three colored thread ‘ Tri Datu’. The dancer wear traditional cloth ‘cepuk’, white pant, yellow scarf and batik headband. Cepuk is believed to be symbol of repellent reinforcement and headband symbolizing simplicity. The dance is a group and danced by 9 dancers divided in 3 lines. They move softly but full of power and look to be strong. All dancers use spear to form devensive line while in some movement, dancers act together in offensive force. Those picturing their spirit to fight againts bad things. The dancers move dynamic, simple like soldier in nature choreography.

The dance accompanied by gendang kempul (tetawa, bonang, kendang) music with the old bronze box. There are three chain in the dance, first is ‘gelatih nuwut papah’ or little sparrow hopping on palm leaf. The second part is ‘goak maling taluh’ or crow stealing eggs and last part is ‘elo’. Pelilit villagers believe Jangkang dance can heal magic disease, protect village from evil spirit or even grant to request to have offspirng or pay vows. As sacred dance, it is only performed on special ceremony, like temple festival at Atuh Segara Temple ceremony every six months. So arrange your travel well this see the classic dance or look calender events.