Skypenida Launch Nusa Penida & Lembongan Online Fast Boat Booking

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NUSA PENIDA, WONDERFUL NUSA PENIDA Nusa Penida Island just raise up as new of world tourist destination. More than 250,000 people visit archipelago every year for spending  vacation. Its known for the richness of marine life, beautiful landscape and well maintained culture and nature. There is no air or land transport available to reach the […]


Warung Soup Ikan Dong Jati, Taste From The Legend

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Visiting Nusa Penida would not be perfect without enjoying local dishes. Warung Soup Ikan Dong Jati offers delicious and authentic taste of local recipes with two main menus, grilled and fish soup. The name of ‘Warung Soup Ikan Dong Jati’ literally lives up to name of owner’s ancestor which famous as great chef. Now, the […]


Race of Traditional Sailing Boat to Celebrate Independent Day

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BATUNUNGGUL, WONDERFUL NUSA PENIDA The district Goverment of Nusa Penida held traditional boat race to commemorate the 72th Indonesia Independent Day on Wednesday, August 16 2017. This regular event also done every year to campaign to promote Nusa Penida as new paradise of tourism destinations. It’s expected to bring better impact on the tourism development […]


Marine Tourism Sector Lack of Dive Guides

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LEMBONGAN, WONDERFUL NUSA PENIDA Nusa Penida archipelagos have been stated as marine protected area with all of entire biodiversity in it. The area covers around 20,057 hectares both land and underwater. Thousand of divers and marine tourism lovers come every year to enjoy the marine life treasure. The lates study shows the existence of 296 […]


Sebila Beach, Pristine and Virgin Natural Shore

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This island owns such unfinished breathtaking spots to be explored. Sebila Beach is new destination arise at southeastward of Nusa Penida Island which close enough to legendary Beach of Atuh. Initially, the beach only used for fishing point by the local since there is no access yet but now new road is being constracted. Visitors […]


Enchanting Cliff of Kelingking Point

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BUNGA MEKAR, WONDERFUL NUSA PENIDA Western area of Nusa Penida Island offers amazing landscape of high steep cliff and endless of blue ocean carpet. The cluster of rock cliffs in Kelingking Point create such enchanting view. Its perched about hundreds meters above sea level just aside the ocean edge. There is unique charming cape jutting […]


Nusa Penida Festival 2016, Exploring The Blue Paradise Islands

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NUSA PENIDA, WONDERFUL NUSA PENIDA Klungkung Regency will back to hold Nusa Penida Festival. Thousand of Jangkang Warrior dancers will perform to support and enliven the event. Starting in 2014, Klungkung regency, under its Tourism and Culture Office create special events famously known as ‘Nusa Penida Festival’. This event run to promote all uniqueness, nature, […]


The Angel’s Billabong, Natural Infinity Pool

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While dominant part of the island is arid, inhospitable and just atoll, many of crevices and cliff displays miraculous outlook. Some own inviting pools of crystal-clear water surrounded by spectacular scene and might even have a waterfall for showering off afterwards or drained water from the ocean. The Angle’s Billabong is crazy concrete pool that […]


Titi Bahu, The Majestic Cliff and Virgin Beach

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PEJUKUTAN, WONDERFUL NUSA PENIDA The beauties of Nusa Penida south coast is undoubt anymore. Aline with Atuh Beach,  Titi Bahu is such of hidden beach bordered by high steep cliff. The term Titi Bahu derive from Titi means stair and Bahu refers to shoulder, hence Titi Bahu means stair on the ridge. The way to […]


Lembongan Village Present Sacred Ritual of Sanghyang Grodog

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Sang Hyang Grodog dance ever passed dark period for 29 years. Some may think that the sacred culture already extinct. Then in 2012, this unique ritual revived after its apparent death for years.It’s much different to common sanghyang dance in Bali Island where the dancers loose their consciousness. There are more than 22 dancers and […]


Advertisement Rate on Publishing Magazine ‘Wonderful Nusa Penida’ Volume 2

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After the first success of publishing guide book or magazine of Wonderful Nusa Penida Volume 1  on October 2015 coincide with the Nusa Penida Festival, the creative team will back to publish ‘Wonderful Nusa Penida’ magazine volume 2 by October 2016. It provides update tourism information all about Nusa Penida which covers accommodations, destinations, transports, hot local issues and […]


Lembongan Surf Team Hold Surfing Series Competition 2016

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Lembongan Surf Team or LST is the forefront surfing team in Indonesia and regularly held surfing contest every year since 2001. This year, LST back to proudly present surfing series competition 2016 in Lembongan Island. The event will be held in three session to seek great surfers generation and promote to world wide that Lembongan is one best surfing destination. The statement spoken by the Chief of LST Committee, Wayan Lena which confirmed yesterday morning, Thursday 14 July 2016.


Belah Poh Point, Discover The Cliff Edge View

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This destination sits pretty on close to Titi Bahu’s southern steep cliff in Pelilit Village, Nusa Penida Island. This spot just standing across to Mollenteng Hill which famous for its tree house. Its such private area is a hidden gem, which is pretty much untouched by visitors due to its obscure location. The way to […]


Temeling Natural Pool, Sense The Freshness

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Its such a magical experience to swim in a natural pool under the cliff. The pool hiding out inside the forest but close to ocean. Imagine, how natural and fresh to feel the water. The attracting love birds song and eco-conscious of lush forest surround will be thrill to visit this spot. Temeling spring positioned […]


Paluang Car Temple, Unique and Sacred Holy Place

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The uniquenesses of Nusa Penida seem to be endless to be explored. Not only regarding the marine life and culture, the spiritual side is interesting. As Hindu predominately practiced by the people here, many temples spread to the entire island. On western cliff, there is unusual temple called Paluang temple, has a variety of oddities […]


Whale Shark Wounded Allegedly Caused by Propeller

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NUSA PENIDA, WONDERFUL NUSA PENIDA In a week, residents reported twice appearance of whale shark around Nusa Penida’s marine conservation area. First looked on Thursday, 23 June in Manta Point area, then on Saturday, 25 June 2016 whale shark founded close to Buyuk Port. Unfortunately, the whale shark was reportedly injured, allegedly by boats propeller. […]


Paradise Diving in Manta Point

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Cluster of Nusa Penida waters area which belong to global coral triangle has thousand diversity of seagrass, underwater life and coral with a variety of rare species, both hard and soft corals. The existence of marine life treasure prove worthy of being a tourist destination dives. The emergence of mega fauna such as manta rays, […]


Rang-rang Weaving, Revival of Ethnic Design

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Even its just small island, if you do more  exploration, there will be something much different than the other places you ever seen. This tiny island owns  nice landscape, diverse culture and unique weaving known ‘rang-rang’. Few years ago, this woven cloth used in traditional ceremony. Rang-rang cloth made in Karang Village, Nusa Penida, 25 […]


The Island’s Sacred Ritual Ceremony

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Almost the same with Hinduism in Bali, Nusa Penida also mixed with local tradition and culture, thus almost every day you can find ceremony or festival. The whole life will be accompanied by rituals from birth until death. The birth is celebrated through the ‘penyambutan, or welcome ceremony, three Month ceremony when the child is […]


How to Get Around ‘Melali’

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WONDERFUL NUSA PENIDA There are not many modes of transport to help you ‘Melali’ your way around. It’s much difFerent than other places. No public transport system that can take you anywhere you want go. The local public transport only used locally to send and buy daily needs to the market. From all of those […]


Smart Dictionary, Words in Nusa Penidian Dialect #1

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Knowing and Learning Nusa Penida Language, Bit Unique! Most of the local people still communicate and talk by using Nusa Penida language. Authentically, the common phrases and words almost same with Balinese on mainland of Bali. The uniqueness is on dialect when it sounded. The recent research shows the language also get influence from ancient […]


Atuh Beach, Beautiful Beach in the Southern

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One of many beaches in Nusa Penida Island which has great scenery is Atuh Beach. Located in the southern of Nusa Penida Island, this hidden beach is surrounded by amazing high cliffs such of great wall and wide white sand. This beach is hammed in two high cliffs, Juntil Cape in the left and Ampuak […]


Crystal Bay, Crystallize Your Dream Here

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Exotic atmosphere with wonderful crystal water, you will feel the pure of the nature in this beach. Yes, that’s Penida Beach with famous name, Crystal Bay. This is the other beach in Nusa Penida Island which offers you an impressive and panoramic sight. Surrounded by two capes and a small hill on the high seas […]


Guyangan Spring, Challenging and Exotic

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Many people doubt that the dry island of Nusa Penida has many springs since there is no great forest on it. If you are one of them, it’s better to prove it by yourself. Small island around 202 kilometers square size and dominated with barren hills, seem hard to find water resources. Surprisingly, there are […]


Welcome to Nusa Penida Archipelago, Bali’s New Paradise

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WONDERFUL NUSA PENIDA This golden triangle archipelago is located southern part of Bali’s main land with three major islands. Those are Nusa Penida as the biggest one, Lembongan dan Ceningan which constitute the smallest island. All are separated by narrow strait, meanwhile, Lembongan dan Ceningan island connected by swing bridge ‘Golden Gate’ that only could […]


Jangkang, Rare Warrior Dance

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The nature wonder of Nusa Penida give inspiration in creating a culture in form of dance. It is much different than what we see in the mainland of Bali. One of the native dance is Jangkang which well known as dance of ancient warrior. Jangkang is sacred dance and has role in religious ceremony, mainly […]


Pasih Huug, Its Broken Bring Beauty

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Huug Beach or Broken beach is an incomparable beach in the western of Nusa Penida Island with its wonderful sea and cliffs wall view. The name of “(H)uug” comes from local language means “broken”. It’s proven by the condition of the beach in which the beach is formed by disaster a long ago. It is […]


Ledok-ledok, Healthy and Tasteful Local Food

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One of the precious thing need to be introduced on prime of Nusa Penida is local culinary. Numerous kind of local food and drinks will be served and invite you to taste such us ‘Ledok-ledok’. Long before rice was promoted as a staple food in Indonesia, residents of the island were used to consuming ledok […]


‘Ngerih’ Cassava Storing Technique for Staple Food

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Geographically Nusa Penida is a limestone plateau a strip of sand on its north coast. Its dry and arid soil has made it impossible for local people to plant rice. Do not think stretches of green rice fields irrigated by clear water and fresh fish arriving in the gutter. There is no running water or […]


Cepuk, Enchanting Classic Cloth

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One of special thing that should not be left when you visit Nusa Penida is look up to traditional hand-woven fabric called Cepuk. This cloth is so enchanting as the material used, the way to stitch need good skill and used for ritual ceremony especially in calonarang dance performance, once in a year. The traditional […]


Giri Putri Cave Temple, Pray Inside the Earth

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Nusa Penida Island emits great vibration of spiritual spirit as it owns hundreds temples. Those temples spread to the entire island and supposed to be protector. One of the tremendous temple is Giri Putri Cave Temple which located in Karangsari, Suana Village, about 10 kilometers from the main harbour heading to the east. As the […]


Alternative Ways for Visiting Nusa Penida

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WONDERFUL NUSA PENIDA As small archipelagos region, water transport will be best alternative way. No air service to reach this island or train facilities. All should use marine transport. There are several accesses used to visit and various modes of transportation as options. The options according to budget and speed.  All modes and ways give […]