Skypenida Launch Nusa Penida & Lembongan Online Fast Boat Booking

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NUSA PENIDA, WONDERFUL NUSA PENIDA Nusa Penida Island just raise up as new of world tourist destination. More than 250,000 people visit archipelago every year for spending  vacation. Its known for the richness of marine life, beautiful landscape and well maintained culture and nature. There is no air or land transport available to reach the […]


Grom Series of Lembongan Surf Team, Finding Talented Young Surfers

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LEMBONGAN, WONDERFUL NUSA PENIDA Lembongan Surf Team (LST) back to hold surfing competition this year. The event step to 17th session since promoted firstly in 2001. In this year, the contest will be focused on the youth by holding ‘Grom Series’ for first time ever. Chief of LST Committee, Wayan Lena that confirmed this morning […]


Marine Tourism Sector Lack of Dive Guides

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LEMBONGAN, WONDERFUL NUSA PENIDA Nusa Penida archipelagos have been stated as marine protected area with all of entire biodiversity in it. The area covers around 20,057 hectares both land and underwater. Thousand of divers and marine tourism lovers come every year to enjoy the marine life treasure. The lates study shows the existence of 296 […]


Nusa Penida Festival 2016, Exploring The Blue Paradise Islands

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NUSA PENIDA, WONDERFUL NUSA PENIDA Klungkung Regency will back to hold Nusa Penida Festival. Thousand of Jangkang Warrior dancers will perform to support and enliven the event. Starting in 2014, Klungkung regency, under its Tourism and Culture Office create special events famously known as ‘Nusa Penida Festival’. This event run to promote all uniqueness, nature, […]


Lembongan Village Present Sacred Ritual of Sanghyang Grodog

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Sang Hyang Grodog dance ever passed dark period for 29 years. Some may think that the sacred culture already extinct. Then in 2012, this unique ritual revived after its apparent death for years.It’s much different to common sanghyang dance in Bali Island where the dancers loose their consciousness. There are more than 22 dancers and […]


Whale Shark Wounded Allegedly Caused by Propeller

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NUSA PENIDA, WONDERFUL NUSA PENIDA In a week, residents reported twice appearance of whale shark around Nusa Penida’s marine conservation area. First looked on Thursday, 23 June in Manta Point area, then on Saturday, 25 June 2016 whale shark founded close to Buyuk Port. Unfortunately, the whale shark was reportedly injured, allegedly by boats propeller. […]


Alternative Ways for Visiting Nusa Penida

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WONDERFUL NUSA PENIDA As small archipelagos region, water transport will be best alternative way. No air service to reach this island or train facilities. All should use marine transport. There are several accesses used to visit and various modes of transportation as options. The options according to budget and speed.  All modes and ways give […]