Sebila Beach, Pristine and Virgin Natural Shore

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This island owns such unfinished breathtaking spots to be explored. Sebila Beach is new destination arise at southeastward of Nusa Penida Island which close enough to legendary Beach of Atuh. Initially, the beach only used for fishing point by the local since there is no access yet but now new road is being constracted. Visitors […]


Enchanting Cliff of Kelingking Point

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BUNGA MEKAR, WONDERFUL NUSA PENIDA Western area of Nusa Penida Island offers amazing landscape of high steep cliff and endless of blue ocean carpet. The cluster of rock cliffs in Kelingking Point create such enchanting view. Its perched about hundreds meters above sea level just aside the ocean edge. There is unique charming cape jutting […]


Temeling Natural Pool, Sense The Freshness

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Its such a magical experience to swim in a natural pool under the cliff. The pool hiding out inside the forest but close to ocean. Imagine, how natural and fresh to feel the water. The attracting love birds song and eco-conscious of lush forest surround will be thrill to visit this spot. Temeling spring positioned […]


Crystal Bay, Crystallize Your Dream Here

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Exotic atmosphere with wonderful crystal water, you will feel the pure of the nature in this beach. Yes, that’s Penida Beach with famous name, Crystal Bay. This is the other beach in Nusa Penida Island which offers you an impressive and panoramic sight. Surrounded by two capes and a small hill on the high seas […]


Pasih Huug, Its Broken Bring Beauty

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Huug Beach or Broken beach is an incomparable beach in the western of Nusa Penida Island with its wonderful sea and cliffs wall view. The name of “(H)uug” comes from local language means “broken”. It’s proven by the condition of the beach in which the beach is formed by disaster a long ago. It is […]